Maybe I just need to be single for a while and I need to stop thinking about meeting a guy and marriage & kids?

So I joined Plenty of Fish about a month and a half ago and have been on 2 dates, the first one... I just didn't click with him and I just wasn't super interested, the second one was great, the guy treats me really great and we will probably go out again but he is not the... most attractive guy. Most recently I have been talking to 2 other guys 1 is 25 and a personal trainer he's in college and he is super super super sexy the other is 31 and a veteran and he is super super sexy too. So I am interning 2 hours from home but I came home Weds for the week for Thanksgiving and I was so excited because I was going to go out on a date with both of these guys and hopefully click with one of them and omg it would be wonderful and perfect... NEITHER ******* one of them was able to go out this weekend.. the one guy the 25 year old is moving tomorrow and he barely even texted me... he didn't even text me back when I asked if he was going to see me tomorrow and I know he got it because I just saw his status on FB and it was a mobile status change so that means he had to have used his phone and my text HAD to have popped up... The 31 year old he said that his best night was Weds... well I couldn't on Weds and he said he would try either today or tomorrow.. I HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN A TEXT FROM HIM! I just hate men so much like all I want is to meet a good guy, be married have babies and have a good life and that's not happening I am not meeting anyone I want that with... I should have just stayed with my ex because I know that he would have married me by now and we would probably have a baby and he had a kid also so I would be a mom. I just don't understand why my plans never work out? Both guys were interested... what changed in 1 ******* DAY! Like I'm just so confused and sad because now I have no plans this weekend and I'm bored and sad because I just want a boyfriend soon :( What do I do? I mean its easy to say not to focus on guys and to just get myself together but... I am together like I need a relationship... I'm tired of being single its terrible I seriously would date anyone at this point I don't even care anymore... I'm considering trying to go crawling back to my ex because at least he would have a baby with me soon and marry me.

I mean even if these guys just wanted sex... you still have to put some effort in to get sex? I am confused I mean maybe they are just legitimately busy? But I won't be home for another 2 weeks so I won't be able to go out on a date for the next 2 weeks, what if they don't want to wait that long.? I'm so pissed off like I really wanted to go out on some dates! I want to go out with attractive guys who I am interested in, I mean its great having not hot guys who like me but I want attraction and attractiveness...


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  • Your working way to hard trying to make this happen. Relax and enjoy life, you are young and sounds like your not yet done with school. Get that out of the way first, then get a good job (if you already don't have it). Then just live your life and let things take there natural course in happening. Crawling back to an ex just so you can have a guy who will breed you and you think will marry you isn't a very valid idea. You'd be better off doing what I am doing which is just plain trying to get bred, having the child without the frills of keeping the guy around. Don't even what him to know who he is. My 6yr old I got very similiar to this, wasn't a planned thing, just a night I let several guys do me and one filled me with the magic goo and 9 mo's later here she was and I have no idea who he was and don't care to ever know. I am a very good mom love Lexi to pieces and if she is to have a sibbling now is the time. I am in no way interested in a husband at this time, maybe this will change some day and if a guy comes along who loves me and can accept my children then we will see.

    Force a guy into marriage and children and I can guarentee he will not be around all that long.

    • Well I mean I don't know that's cool and all but I just can't imagine trying for a baby by a random man who wants nothing to do with it.. I want a family and a husband to rub my belly and buy me food in the middle of the night. And I want my child to have a dad, no offense to you and what you have done that's you know.. what you want, I just know I want to be a young wife and mother

    • I understand what you want and I couldn't agree more with you, but what you are saying is that rather than wait for that right guy to come along you want to force it along. It is on the same order as what I was saying minus trying to marry the guy.

      What you really want is a wonderful thing and the way it should be in life, but it is also something you have to wait until it comes along for it to happen like that. Your young yet and it could be several years before that happens.

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  • To be honest, based on some of your comments, you seem kind of desperate, and maybe that desperation is coming off to these guys. You shouldn't focus so much on being with someone or getting married. There's more to life than that, and it will happen when it's supposed to. Don't force it.

  • I don't know how to reconcile this with your question from last night.

    Uh ... hmm.

    • Ok, reconciled, on the off chance this AND last night's post are legit, I think you could combine them in a way that might make you really happy. But I'm not saying it here, lol. Msg me if you're legit. I'll be giving advice, not an offer - I'm already married with kids :p

  • As much as you might want this, you have to be realistic, hardly any guy in his 20's/30's wants to be tied down with a wife and kids when he could be out having one night stands and drinking and partying. Just wait, in time your guy will come.

  • You write "I seriously would date anyone at this point I don't even care anymore... " but you also write "the second one was great, the guy treats me really great and we will probably go out again but he is not the... most attractive guy."

    You really need to make up your mind. Are you going to be picky, or not? If so, you need to be patient.

    • Idk I mean at least the not so hot one wanted to go out with me. But I don't know I just really want attraction on top of personality too

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