How can I add a spark in our boring "hi, how are you" conversations?

I used to talk a lot (for hours) to one girl but all of a sudden she just stopped talking to me. Now its

A: Heyy, How are you?

B: Good, and you?

A: Good. How was your weekend?

B: It was OK, yours?

A: I went ... and I did ...

B: Nice ( goes back texting on her phone)

Even when I ask her open ended questions she manages to answer in 2-3 words. Yes I can pull a question from hearing her 2-3 word answers but I can see that it will go nowhere so I just shut up...:(


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  • Starting a conversation with someone is probably one of the hardest parts of communication. Some conversations are easy to start but others seem as if it's hard work to lift them off the ground. Having an idea of what kind of conversations to start will help you the next time you feel like conversing with someone.

    There are five basic things you need to know before you can start a conversation. The following article will help you start a nice conversation. Keep these in mind before you start to converse with someone -

    1. Do not pester someone with your questions. Having a good conversation always begins with questions but the person you're talking to should not feel as if they're being interviewed at a police station. Do not fire questions at them without giving your feedback and actually conversing with them. Nothing is worse than feeling like you're getting the third degree. Asking too many questions will only make the other person feel uncomfortable and will leave them finding a way out of the conversation.

    2. Be funny. This doesn't mean that you have to do a stand-up routine but just throw in some jokes and tell them a funny story to break the ice. You'll be surprised at how sharing funny stories will get others to open up. Everyone likes to laugh and laughing makes others feel comfortable. This is a nice way to lighten up those tense people and to get them talking.

    3. Ask open ended questions. Open ended questions are questions that require more than a yes or no for an answer. Open ended questions allow people to elaborate and this creates conversation. You are drawing the person out and making them part of a conversation. Open ended questions bring growth to a conversation as opposed to questions with yes or no answers that stunt the growth of conversation.

    Make the other person comfortable.

    4.You can really get a person to talk if they are happy to talk to you. Let them initiate topics if you notice them becoming uncomfortable. You you see them being distracted ask them what the problem is. Maybe there really is something they want to talk about but they just don't want to bring it up. You can turn a total stranger into a friend by just making them feel as if you want to hear what they have to say and that you care about what they have say. Watch invading personal space also. Stand far enough to give them breathing room, but close enough to be able to clearly hear them.

    5. Bring up a subject everyone can talk about. The safest bet in starting a conversation is finding common ground. Pet peeves make for good conversation starters because everyone has them. You can start off by telling a story about one of your pet peeves and others are sure to join in.

    • Starting a conversation for me is not a problem... I have absolutely no problem talking to other girls. My problem is different. Its just talking to her...

      How to interest a girl I talk to and make her talk?

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  • When she was it was OK, ask her specific questions, try to draw her out with more questions

  • Sometimes relationships drift apart and there is nothing that can be done... If she has no intrest find someone else who will have an interest in you. Or you could try making up something interesting... And sometimes taking a week long break from talking will help or 3 days is just as good

    • So ignoring her for a week or two is my best bet?

    • Not ignoring her, but sometimes just stepping back for a few days is good. Oh, if there are things that happen in the try like writing them down to tell her if ou want =D

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