Ladies, who does she like more?

If you suspect a girl likes two guys and both guys are sitting across from each other at a round table with empty seats next to both of them, what would be a bigger sign of who she likes more? The guy she sat next to or the guy she sits directly across from.


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  • HappyHrt101 has a really good point because there's no black and white answer. First you're going to have to correctly guess what type of personality this girl in theory has and then determine what her relationship is to each of the guys. Confidence and comfort level can say a lot, but I might sit across from a potential hook up and closer to a guy friend that I've known for a while. Keep in mind that we generally don't make the first move, you have to show your interest in us!

    You'll probably be able to figure out more from how she interacts/talks with both guys.

    • Adding to the comment I placed underHappyhrt101's answer...She's more animated with him, with me she always comes off as unsure of herself.

    • You've kissed recently? She already likes you more, at least in a sexual senes. Coming off as unsure could mean a couple of things, either she gets flustered around you or you two are severly lacking chemistry. I'm worried it might be the latter if you say that you two are never on the same page. Take the opportunity while you still have the chance! If you wait too long you're going to lose any attraction you've built up. You're already in, the hard work has been done.

    • It was a couple of months ago. We are coworkers, and while no one saw us kiss two people seperatly told her that sleeping in the office is a bad idea and that she does not want to get a reputation. She acts like has interest but is conflicted and is thinking it is not worth the effort.

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  • Depends...I would sit right next to the guy if I liked him more...if I was confident. If I wasn't too confident then I would sit across the table but try to hold a conversation with him... In a relationship I'd rather sit next to someone at a prefer to sit across and "look" at you...It's hard to say.

    • Happyhrt101...Thanks for the response..she is confident with him (they are pretty good friends) not confident with me (we've kissed but never seem on the same page), but she made a point of sitting down and speaking with me.

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    • Actually she sat next to me. The one she acts uncomfortable with. Shot her detail, she was talking really animated and accidently touched my leg, as soon as she did she pulled back hr hands to my lap and stared at where she touched me.

    • I need to read what I write before I hit submit. I am the one she sat next to and is uncomfortable with. She accidently touched my leg at the table as she was talking. As soon as she did she pulled her hands back to her lap and stared at where she touched me.

  • the guy she sit next to is the one she's more interested in.

  • This happened to me recently. If it's a round table, the guy she sat next to.


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