Should I start dating again?

Lately I’ve just been feeling really alone. I mean I’m a single mom and have been for 3 months, although it feels like I have been since he was born since he dad was never around. I love my son but even before I broke up with his dad I’ve just felt lonely. It’s difficult for me to just be a mom and not be dating anyone or anything. Unless it gets really serious I’m definitely not introducing him to my son obviously.

But should I start dating again? Like how would I start dating again? I mean I’m still in my senior year of high so I’m around guys but I know that no one at my school likes me like that. I’m not exactly looking to party or anything I’m trying to be the most responsible mom I can be for how young I am, but how else can I meet guys near me? Does anyone have any ideas?


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  • I think you're ready to start dating again. I know having my baby changed my life and I wouldn't trade my sweet angel for the world, but sometimes we as mom's need that type of love and affection too. I think you should definitly date, but don't be discouraged if a boyfriend doesn't pop right up. being under 18 with a baby scares a lot of guys and aren't ready for this commitment!

    • yea that is true I just hope when I do find a guy he's not a jerk like my babys dad and I just hate being single for the holidays

    • That's completely understandable! You just have to find a real man.. a man who is there for you and your baby.

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