What to do on a date to avoid making a girl bored?

I want to go on a date ... my first one .

I just don't want to make the girl feel bored . I am shy and quiet usually .

What could I do so I don't bore the girl ? And which place would be a good place for a shy guy to go on a date ?

  • Go for dinner
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  • Go for a walk
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  • Go on a beach
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  • Go to a movie
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  • Anything else ( Mention below )
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Most Helpful Guy

  • For a first date NEVER go to the movies, it is a huge gap of time in which you are not talking to each other, you have 2 hours to get yourself more nervous, when you get out of the movies, you will be more nervous than when you went in.

    A GREAT first date is something you can talk while doing but you can also focus on the activity if you need to think of more to say. It needs to be something you can flirt a bit while doing.

    I suggest ice skating or the zoo as 2 of THE BEST first dates, especially if you haven't done it in a long time (or ever).

    There is lots of room to do your own thing, but a fun chilled out activity to fall back on.

    Remember she needs to leave there unable to forget about the time she spent with you, she needs to have had enough fun to want date 2.

    Flirting is a MUST, she needs to see you as a sexual being, without that you will be very quickly friend zoned, you intentions need to be very clear, but not overly forward.

    • sorry I already chose the best answer , else you deserved it more .

      Thx for the answer though :)

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    • Thanks for BA

      also I forgot one of the biggest things in making her have fun is to make sure you are having fun too.

      the fun vibe is something that all girls love.

    • You honestly deserved the BA . Thx :)

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What Girls Said 2

  • I would say a walk on the park/beach, because both dinner and movie will make you two stay close to each other but not really making some kind of connection (you would be eating or looking to the screen), so, while you both walk can talk about yourselves or just sit down in some place and have some coffee or icecream.

  • If you are normally quiet, I would suggest the movie, so you have something to talk about when it is over. Then go for something to eat, or a walk. Good luck. :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Alright. I am good at this, my romantic moments are the stuff Romantic nightmares are Made of buhahahaha;

    Okay here's Chaaz's advice: They are all okay, it just depends HOW you do it/

    1. Go for Dinner:

    Chaaz's way; go to the supermarket with her, chit chat about what yall like, offer to teach her to cook something for dinner, show interest in learning from her whatever it is she can cook. invite her home to your good kitchen, cook together and eat. Take her home.

    Moron way: Go out to a restaurant, pay a lot of cash for crap food most likely, get weird "we're on a dinner date in a restaurant" weird vibe.

    2. Go for a walk

    Chaaz way: Take her on walkabout, across desert, parks, forests, bring picnic and drinks. Or go to the zoo and check out animals. If you can find animals humping each other, you can make flirty conversation.

    loser way: Errr walking to the post office? LOL

    3. Go on a beach *** Chaaz's favourite****

    Chaaz way: Take her surfing, swimming, if possible you 2 could kiss in the middle of a big wave.

    loser way: errr there is no loser way for the beach because beaches are awesome... Well MAYBE unless you go to some crowded place, yuck.

    4. Go to a movie

    Chaaz way: Book an entire cinema or screening room, either at school or someone's garage, or a mate who works at the cinema... have it all to yourself so you can talk and throw popcorn at the screen. OR bring laptop and curl up somewhere in the park or on your car and watch a dvd which you can pause at will.

    Loser way: Going to a regular cinema and not talking for 2 hours.

    5. Anything else?

    Chaaz keeps his date secrets =) Gd luck.

    • wow very cool :) Though I would like to hear some Chaaz secrets too :P

      Thx for your very nice answer :)