Do you text back late sometimes, guys?

Hi guys^^

I'm really really confused at his texting habits.

ok, so after he asked my mobile number, he started to text me almost everyday. We've known each other for 6weeks. He usually texted me first at the start ,and nowadays I sent greetings to him first often. Anyway he usually takes so long to text me back. a 10 minutes. But usually more than 30 mins, few hours...ok. I understand he has a life, and so do I.

However, how do you think about taking a day to text back? I don't think it takes more than 5 minutes.

Is it possible, when you're already interested in a girl?

My cell phone has a function letting me know if he read my text.

It makes me be more curious. Because he didn't answer right away in spite of that he had already read my text...

Fortunately..he's never ignored my message. But, what his doing means? Please fill me in..


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  • uh, that function exists?

    what phone?

    also you sound really clingy, 5 minutes to reply is pretty quick, I sometimes take over an hour to reply to my very best friends.

    you probably scared him off a bit you've known him for a month and a half and you want him to text back every 5 minutes.

    the old fashion phonecall works too, ring him and ask to hang out.

    • ya. thanks for your answer^^BUT NO.. I didn't mean it like that..i really don't expect him to answer me in every 5 minutes. BUT he can take at least 5 minutes to reply during 'a day'..or just say 'im busy, I'll text you later." at least when he texted me first.

      I said "I understand he has a life" and I've never told him about this.

  • In my experience, I always took forever to try and think of the best way to formulate things. Once you send something it's sent, no do-overs, makes me (too?) cautious D:


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