How long is appropriate for a guy to respond to a text?

This guy I'm kind of dating / hanging out with always texts me back within 2 min of my response no matter how long it takes me to respond... is this a good sign or a sign that he's not really putting a lot of thought into his texts. I rarely initiate the text messages. Usually we just exchange how are yous, how was your day and make plans to hang out. Not much flirting via texts at all. He also never calls me. But we've only be seeing each other for a month and a half and we were kind of friends before this started.

So how long should he be taking to respond to texts if he's really interested? Guys, do you take a while or do you respond back immediately?


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  • Wow. I make it a point NEVER to return texts until a couple of hours, or the next day. Because I do not want to appear desperate or that I do not have a life. And the reason I do this, is because I believe girls do it all the time.

    Sometimes I text within the hour, but I try not to do it within minutes. I prefer to keep texts about meeting up, and THEN flirt/love/romance/socialize in person better.


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  • i will text her in 2 min if really interested in her(or fall in love)

    next time try to find a topic and see how he will text you back

    • Okay good idea. Yeah, I guess we usually just exchange pleasantries then make plans to see each other. But he only texts me a couple times a week. I hope he's really interested too.

    • just try it!

      good luck for you

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  • Two minutes is a good time frame

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