What does this type of texting mean?

I've been seeing this guy and he does try to keep in touch with me through text but his texts are always basic statements. It always leaves me feeling unsure how to respond and I end up feeling like I'm doing all the talking even if he is initiating conversation.

For example, he'll text things like "I just got out of class" ...and there won't even be a need for me to know that. I'll want to respond just to talk to him, but I never know what to say

ANDDD we're so new into this relationship that its hard to even gauge his interest.

I would assume he's interested since he's texting me and has asked me out, but his texts are so random that I don't know what to make of it.


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  • Some people just are really bad texters. My one friend is one such person. It takes forever just to get anything accomplished. "Hey" Hey, what's up? "Nothin, you?" Not much, what are you up to? "Just chillin" It's torturous. I've learned to speed the conversations with him along a bit: "Hey" Hey what are you doing right now? Want to hang out? "Sure, come over"

    He probably is just a bad texter. See if you can't speed the conversation up a bit to get to the "Let's meet up" portion of the conversation.


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  • What esper said for the most part. Some guys just hate it too, feel like its girlie and avoid it. If it's that bad try calling him.or saving interactions for when you're together.

  • Maybe you should text him back randomly, see what he thinks? That might stir a conversation for later and make him think before he texts.


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