How do I relax enough to kiss him..?

One of my best guy friends, who we recently admitted our feelings to each other, asked me if he could kiss me. I said yeah, but later when he walked me home, he leaned in to do it and I completely panicked and backed up. I stammered and said I was really sorry, and hugged him. This morning we were hanging out again, and he pulled me close and said, "I thought we were gonna try something last night..." I looked down and blushed and said, "I know...I'm just really, really scared...I've never kissed anyone before..."

But he saw one of my texts (okay, all of them lol) to my best friend, and it said, "If anything's gonna happen, its gonna have to be out of nowhere, and he's gonna have to have me cornered or in a hug or something so if I get scared again I can't get away...I really want him to but I'm so f*cking scared lol."

So, now he knows how to potentially kiss me if he still wants to...but I'm still scared I'm going to mess it up for the third time :(

How do I relax enough to let him kiss me? And how do I kiss back?!? I wouldn't be surprised if he could hear my heartbeat last was like a machine gun :(


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  • if your scared but wanna kiss him go into it thinking your gonna make it a quick kiss, if you think itll be quick it might be easier to actually go through with the kiss however long it actually lasts


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  • if you really like him, just realize how awesome it'll be when you kiss. best feeling ever. for the first couple times, you may be thinking too much while kissing. eventually, that goes away. you could surprise him and kiss him first. that way you're not caught off guard (could be awkward). you don't want to be swallowing or chewing when he surprise kisses you. just move your lips. don't use tongue the first time because that'll be too complicated. eventually, you're body will just know what to do, what feels good, and what you want.

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