If your boy or girlfriend went a day without calling?

How would you feel? My boyfriend and I talk or text everyday and yesterday he didn't do either and the night b4 I told him I really missed him and wanted to see him.I can't call him because his phone is broke but he has other ways to call/text me and he didn't have work or school so he wasn't busy ...I don't know if I should be mad or is it just me that find that wrong


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  • It's only been a day so even though you are used to talking every day don't worry too much. Sometimes people need space to breathe and relax. Sometimes you're not in the best mood and need time to your self. It could be anything but it doesn't mean he likes you any less for now. Hopefully he will contact you soon or even tomorrow. If a few days go by and you still don't hear from him then you might want to evaluate things. For now the best thing to do is take advantage of the situation and have some quality "me" time. Focus on yourself and stay busy so you forget that he hasn't contacted you.


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  • I would assume they had a busy day and leave it at that. We're adults here and our lives don't need to revolve totally around one another.


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