A bit of confusion about the whole "asking out" thing?

Alrighty, so me and this guy like each other, and we've both admitted to it. After we had that established, he said "so, I'm going to make a little trip out to (insert my city here), but I don't know my way around very well, do you know anyone who could give me a tour?" Of course I said I could show him around, and I took this as being a cute and creative way of him asking me out. But then, when he came to my house and we hung out (we couldn't walk around town Because it was all rainy and cold) he said "well, I was planning on asking you out when we took that walk, but since that isn't gonna happen, will you go out with me?" I said yes, but I was kind of confused I guess, because I thought him asking me to show him around my town was his way of asking me out, but I guess I thought wrong. So my question is, what's the difference between asking me to show him around and asking me out? And does the fact that he just straight up asked me out like that mean that we are boyfriend/girlfriend now? I'm 16, almost 17, but I'm also very new to this whole thing (obviously, lol) so any advice, comments, answers, and input is very much welcomed and appreciated! thank you all ahead of time! :)


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  • for the most part guys need it to be spelled out for them otherwise it leaves doubt in the air and theyre not sure if this a date or just two people hanging out, and the easiest way to eliminate the doubt and be sure what it is is by directly asking, like he planned to do, plus to be fair even though you guys admitted having feelings for each other it doesn't sound like you started dating just said you had feelings for each other

    • Thank you! and yes, that's true. We said we liked each other, and then a week later (so yesterday), We hung out for the first time outside of school, which is when we were gonna take that walk and when he asked me out. so we haven't even been on an "official" date yet I suppose, because we just sat at my house for a bit.

  • You're asking GAG. You should be asking him.


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