Best and worst date you've ever been on?

The question pretty much says it all lol...xX

But yeah what is the best and worst date you've ever been on or heard of?...xX


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  • It was one of those freak situations where a shy girls asks a shy guy like me out for a date, and it was the only date I've been on where the girl asked me out. She asked me to meet her at a coffee shop I didn't know about. Okay, cool. Coffee. Yay.

    Turns out, this coffee shop was a mom and pop place, which was fine. Good, actually. Well, they were hosting a homeschool club event with lots of screaming kids, and a one-man band was there to entertain them, and the only songs he knew were the hits from Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and some other girlie bands I'm supposed to pretend I don't know about. It was miserable.

    To make matters worse, she was 20 minutes late. I had to initiate all the conversation, and her end of the conversation was little more than "yes," "no," "I listen to music, yes," etc. There were so many awkward pauses, and all the while little kids were screaming and crying. The storeowner kept trying to get her to talk, too.

    My best date was very traditional. The dinner and a movie on our first date kind. This time I knew the restaurant owner and he pulled out all the stops to make us feel comfortable, took a picture of us for us and gave us extra good service, personally delivering our food and everything. The first kiss we shared together bombed, and I missed, but we had a quick do-over, and then another and another.


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  • The best date that I was ever on was when a guy and I went to a concert and we got front row. He and I were both musicians (I play guitar, he plays bass) so we were both stoked. The worst date was when another guy and I ended up being stuck at his house with nothing to do.

    • wow the concert date sounds awesome!... bummer for that crappy one..

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