We kissed but I felt nothing there...

Hey guys so I'm in a little dilemma here,

theres this guy who I go to school with, I had a class with him this past semester, and throughout the semester he kept on asking me to hang out, he's a great guy, ok looking, and is def boyfriend matieral, but at that time I was kinda seeing someone else so I didn't hang out with him, we ended up talkin a lot now over winter break and he asked me out on a date for wednesday night, I agreed figuring okay il give him a shot, even tho I never felt those butterflies etc...but just now we hung out for a little bit and I could tell he wanted to kiss me good night and we pecked on the lips a few times but I felt NOTHING no butterflies, NOTHING, now I don't know what to do, were suppost to go out wednesday and I'm just so confused, everyone says he would be perfect for me, but I just don't feel that spark there, like that feeling when you like someone, and being with them makes you smile and have that warm fuzzy feelings, its just NOT there at all, I feel like he's just a guy I could be friends with plz help me! UGH!


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  • There is two options

    #1: go on the Wednesday date then tell him how you fell about him with an open heart

    #2: stay with him because the one that loves you and he will take care of u


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  • I know exactly how you feel! I'm going through the same thing. The guy is absolutely adorable, emotionally I feel nothing! I'm just going to open up and tell him... At some point...

    • I posted this awhile ago but I'm so glad I never went further with it. If it isn't there don't waste yours or his time!