Whats some good conversations?

So me and my best girl friend have nothing ever to text about its the same thing every time.. its like what's up and how are you and that's it.. she's not all that fun to text but she always texts me even though we never have anything to talk about.. so what's some good conversations to have with a girl that's pretty much your best friend?


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  • Is it safe to say your a male, do you really know everything about her. I know a game a play when I'm bored is three questions. Start off saying "you want to play a game?" Then tell her the rules, which is you have to ask three questions that you guys want to know about each other. Then tell her she can't ask the same question from the previous questions asked. So for example, Are you a girl? Do you drink? Do you like cats or dogs? She can't ask any of those questions again, until one full round. lol I do it all the time.

    • I actually do that with girls I just meet ha ha :) but I know this girl really well.. like we can carry a conversation we were with each other but just not when we text..

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  • A good way to get to know each other or start convo's is by asking questions so why don't you guys play 20 questions that always works :)

  • i agree.

    ask random questions or give random scenarios ... or also play with your language. think of fun ways to say how are you etc...

    • Do you have any examples? I can't think of anything with her because I don't want to say something totally stupid..

  • call her.


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