Where could we go to hang out?!

ok, there's this guy that I think I'm starting to like, and weekend he txts me to hang out. he asks me if I wanna do something and I reply yeah. but I don't know where to go. he tells me that we could go anywhere. for me to choose. but we already went to the movies together. and I don't wanna go again. and whenever I get out of work its kinda late, so we don't wanna eat. but I don't have a clue where could we go to have fun, but not make it look like a date.

where I could go with some friends too. [not bowling cus we been bowing millions of times]

any ideas?!


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  • out onto the water?

    Maybe pitch in and rent a boat?

    • Yeah.. but is like, a last min thing.. besides, I work all day, and I get out of work late. so we are talking bout 11 at night. so... oh, and I'm kinda far away from a little river/lake/beach..

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    • But you're going to be with friends, aren't you?

    • Oh yeah, true that! lol...

  • his house

    your house

    milkshakes or something

    • At night?! I get out of work like around 11sh! :/ not my house nor his.

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