Guys: how do you feel about texting?

Guys that I'm just friends with always seem to reply right away or text often, while guys I'm into that are into me respond hours later or sometimes not at all. Figures -_- lol

What are your texting habits with a girl you like vs. a girl you're just friends with? Do you try not to seem to eager, clingy, etc.?


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  • I used to like texting. Not so much anymore because it will never replace face to face conversations or even talking on the phone. Plus it's either the girl loves it or she takes it as being clingy. With friends it's normal texting, don't care about the timing. With girls I like I guess there'd be more effort to not seem as if I'm glued to my phone awaiting her response but at the same time make sure the conversation isn't dull. It's a fine line between success and failure...


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  • I always respond quickly if I have my phone with me.

  • We're taught not to reply quickly if we like the person for fear of appearing needy.

    • So do you personally do that? Do guys revert back to "normal" (not consciously waiting to respond) after a certain point of knowing a girl?

    • Sure, after about six months - around the same time it becomes not as big of a deal to cut the cheese in front of him/her. There are interesting relationship delineators in modern day society.

    • Hahahaha so true! Nice analogy. Or in my case, when I act like my complete goof of a self without censors : P

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