Is it an OK move to kiss this guy on the cheek?

i really like my guy friend and am going to see him at home soon, we go to different colleges so we skype or text almost every day. Last time I saw him we had this long hug goodbye and we didn't want to go. as we pulled away, he left his hand on my waist as we talked a bit more. my hand was on his shoulder and arm on the same side. Is this enough of a green light to go for a kiss on his cheek? I'm inexperienced and don't want to be too pushy going for a kiss on the lips because I believe he is really inexperienced too. and hey, if he responds well it could lead to a real kiss. does this sound good? thanks for any answers!


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  • It would be nice if he would take the initiative, but yeah, that's definitely a green light to kiss him on the cheek just to get things started. If you guys are only seeing each other every once and again you should definitely be kissing by now. He's being a gentleman, but if he needs that little shove to get going, I say go for it. Give him that kiss. Hopefully he'll take the hint.

    • yeah I think he is being extra shy because we have been friends for so long. plus he is a gentleman in general. 2 more weeks and we will be able to hang out again! but we spend a lot of time on skype so it's close as hanging out in person, still not the same :P

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  • Yeah try it out. I think he wants it too. he might be the shy kind. show him the way. :-D

  • Yes go for it!


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