How do you get into a good relationship if the last one was really sh*tty?

I was just used for sex. Hindsight is 20/20. Well, this was over a year ago, but I swear I will never trust another boy again. The nice ones seem extremely boring, and I pick up on an immature/a**hole pretty easily now. How do you find a good one? I don't want to give him sex though because after that he won't appreciate me anymore.


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  • This is why I hate men. There are good guys out there, definitely. Many more than the a**holes. You've learned how cruel guys can be, and I think that's what you should take away from that relationship. You've got that sh*t left behind, but you can plant a new seed in that sh*t and find yourself a tree (husband) to last you for the rest of your life. Good men are everywhere. And now you know the difference.

    • I just wish that I could turn back time and un-do that whole experience. I had even read countless relationship books that tell you to wait and sh*t, but it's really hard being a 21+ year old virgin and seeing a lot of couples around you. I didn't realize how not seriously boys take most relationships.

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    • Thanks. Maybe I'll just get a couple dogs when I'm older.

    • Hang in there, okay? The right guy might just find you.

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  • not all guys are the same. you just have to get to know him well enough that you can trust him not to break your heart

    • How did you find someone by 22? Lucky biatch.

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    • wonderful. guess some people are just fortunate like that. I've tried not looking, and all I meet are people I'm not into (like other races).

    • well I don't know how old you are but give it time. love comes along when it does. it'll also come up when you least expect it. I was my husband's waitress at a restaurant the night we met. I had a rule against giving my customers my phone number but I could tell that there was definitely something different about him so I took a chance and it's been the best chance I've ever taken

  • just don't give him the cookie. that's how you do it. if he likes you, actually likes you, he'll stick around. if not, it was all he wanted from you and since you didn't give it to him, he moved on.

    that's how you avoid getting used for sex.

    set your boundaries.

    • You read Steve Harvey's books too?

    • huh no? hwo's that?

    • Steve Harvey from the "Steve Harvey" show. He also wrote "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" and "Straight Talk, No Chaser". Good reads on how to find a good man.

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