I am starting to feel a little dissapointed with the relationship and I'm ready to walk away... please give me advice.

I have been with my girlfriend for about 3 months now, I am starting to feel a little dissapointed with the relationship, as I haven't really gotten anything from her in an in the bed sense. now this may sound a little cold hearted and self centered, but, my girlfriend has done it MANY times, she has had MANY boyfriends before me and knows allot about what can happen to a relationship if we do do it (by the way this makes me VERY jealous). she has been told she is loved, then had done it with that person, then been left right after. I feel that I would never do that, but she keeps telling me that I will, the relationship will get boring and we will separate. I am a virgin, I have not had any "special" contact with a woman, nor have I felt the closeness of such a thing. in a sense, I'm gonna go goddamn crazy... we both love each other VERY much, and she keeps telling me, no wait, wait till we can have a special moment (6 months from now) and tells me that the relationship will not mean anything if the moments is not "special" enough for us, and that we will break up after. she says that it means nothing to her, she says that its not going to be special for her, she wants to wait for it to be REALLY special for me, she is just gonna look at it as something to "pass the time". when I feel that I REALLY want it with her special or not. she even has the gut to tell me that she REALLY wants to do it with me like hardcore, but can't for fear of us. and really I feel that this is hurting our relationship more than actually doing it. so yes, I may sound cold to think that I want to break up with her over not doing it, but I have urges that cannot be solved on their own any more, now that I'm with her... so my question is... should I tell her that I am starting to think of walking away because I want this moment with her now? should I explain to her my complete position on this matter?

Thanks, and I hope you guys see her point of view AND mine. I hope to hear soon.

P.S. sorry for saying "do it" allot in this, its because I can't ask questions such as this unless I'm level 3...


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  • Well, yea you should talk to her. To walk away over something like sex is a little selfish... that's why people invented p*rn! :) IF you love her then that's a pretty silly reason to leave someone. I mean if you express to her that its painful for you maybe she will understand. And not to be rude, but you should really let it go about her past lovers. She had them before you were involved so they really had nothing to do with you and you shouldn't be jealous. She's with you now, not them.

  • Well, honestly it sounds like she has a pattern of doing it with a guy then the guy leaving. She probably wants to break this pattern and for her to break it with you, should mean something very sweet for you. It sounds like you just want to hit, not necessarily run, but that's all she's ever known. If you really love her, you'd be willing to wait until she's ready to give you something very personal and she's ready to take your something that's very personal. If you really feel that you can't wait for her to be comfortable with this, then yeah. You need to break up with her and find a girl that will give you what you want. But if you did that, then no offense, but you're pretty shallow. She's just not ready to continue in the path that she's been on and she wants to start following a different one; for her to make a change with you shows that she really cares about you and your relationship together.


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