An awkward situation.....what would be a good way to get her friend's number?

Well there's a girl I know who I used to hang around with a lot and who I am still attracted to, both physically and emotionally. But she screwd me around a fair bit and I'm trying to move on. She still wants to hang aroung me and my friends, and my friends get along with her, so they invite her to stuff, and her friends usually come with her. I'm not exactly friends with her friends, but there's one who iv started to sorta get a crush on, not as much as the first girl, but still, its something.

Im tryin to work out if I should get to know her friend better and eventually ask her out (This means I would have to invite the main girl places just so that I can see her friend) I don't know if she would take it badly or not, and I think we both used to have feelings for each other, but she lost interest and still wanted to remain friends with me and my friends.

Umm so would the first girl take it badly if I started showing her friend interest? and if I started inviting them places via her friend instead of her. Currently we only organise stuff between our two groups between me and her.

And what would be a good way to get her friends number, so that I can text her and eventually ask her to lunch or something.


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  • First of all... if she screwed with you and fu&%ed you over then who cares... that's not your problem... you should definitely go for her friend if you think that is what you want... because who knows maybe the other girl is crushin on ona your friends. She ruined your guys's relationship so it is not your problem if you like one of her friends the blame is on her. To get to know her friend see if the next time you guys hang out focus on her and see how she reacts... before the end of the night pull her to the side and say hey "i was wondering if I could get your number so I can call you and text you sometime but if not its okay" see what she says and take it from there... who cares how the other girl feels its her own fault and you shouldn't ruin what could be something great cause you don't wanna hurt the girls feelings that screwed you over... stop being so nice and get what you want.


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