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I had a one night stand a few weeks ago with a girl that I find attractive. We texted a few times for a little over a week and then I have not texted her since and it has been over a week since we last talked. Would I be a fool to try and text her and set up a meeting at this point or have I blown it by not texting in the last week?


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  • Not at all! Go for it!

    • So if a guy has not talked to you for an extended period of time, but they may be interested in you then that does not bother you? I'm planning on getting the ball rolling on this pretty soon I am just trying to build my confidence

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    • I just want to say thanks for the advice. I talked to her last Wednesday and I got a date out of it yesterday that was well worth the time

    • Aw, no problem! Glad it worked out! : )

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  • You're still in the window, go for it and ask her out!


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