Online dating awkwardness?

Is it awkward that you see the same people on different dating websites? What happens if you know the people that are on there? Also what happens if you don't like the person you meet off of there, do you keep your profile up? Is it weird that they see you online and not talk to you? Help meh!


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  • I don't find it awkward finding the same people on different dating sites. It's just a way of widening your search for someone online.

    If you know some people that are on the dating sites then it can take a bit of getting used to but as long as you're OK with yourself being on a dating site (and why shouldn't you be?!) then it should be all good.

    If you don't like a person you meet off a dating site, you just don't meet them again. Sometimes you'll be the one that doesn't like them (sometimes you might be the one that isn't liked and sometimes it might be mutual) so you'll just have to be firm in your denial/rejection of the other person so they don't get mislead. Keep your profile up and ignore the person you don't like. You can block them usually if things get out of control.

    It can be weird that they see you online but you aren't talking to them - which is why you should be clear with them that you're not interested in them.

    Good luck!

  • Forget about the awkwardness. It's not a big deal. If you don't like the person, why would you care? You don't like that person; you have nothing to lose. Ignore the person if you must. If you do like a person who happens to notice that you are on multiple websites, you tell him that you are just trying to increase your opportunities to meet someone awesome.


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