Girls: What should guys you meet online talk to you about?

I met this girl online and we started to have a chat. I tried to put up a casual conversation askin like "how are you, where do you live, ect" and she was giving me straight answers without she asking back. It was totally boring so I decided to change the flow of the convo to ask something a bit cheeky and make it sound funny. She ended up saying I'm a rude guy and we screwed up everythin. So what do you think is the right conversation to have with a girl you meet online (total stranger) to let her feel attracted to you if you like her?


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  • You don't need a girl to tell you what you did wrong.

    It's sounds like you invaded her personal privacy even If those weren't your intentions. (she probably thought you were a creep.. Just sayin')

    Why not just a simple "tell me about yourself" and see where things go from there.

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