How long should I wait to contact him?

We had sex last night, we moved pretty quickly but I really like him. He said he would text me but I Haven't heard from him yet. How long should I wait before I should text him?

I don't wanna screw this one up. If he doesn't text me what do I say to him?


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  • No, he should be the one to text you. If he doesn't text you, then assume he's not interested in anything more. Always use actions and behaviors as indicators of intent.


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  • Just let him come to you. The more you pull away, the more he'll desire you. It's called the 'Rubber Band Effect'. I've done it before & you'd be amazed at the results. He obviously feels he has the controls in your relationship. Show him that he needs to add some effort as well. Guys like the chase!

    • its literally taking everything in me not to text him and if it was just a one time thing then id rather know now so I'm not sitting around waiting and wondering. should I contact him if I don't hear from him?

    • Yes, but be subtle. If you must, let him know how you feel.. Just don't come off as obsessed.