Why would she come back to me if I was second best and expect me to be happy?

There's this girl who I was getting really close to about 9 months ago. this other guy came into the picture and she I guess she liked him more and they started hanging out. She hid him from me, while talking to me too. Eventually I found out and he asked her out and she accepted. I stopped all contact with her after that. I'll admit my ego was severely hurt, because I was second best in her mind. Anyways they broke up a month ago. She decided to text me today and ask how I was doing and that we should hang out again sometime soon and how she realized she made a mistake... I couldn't believe she had the nerve to even talk to me again. Why does she even think I would want to talk to her after being second best in her mind?

Am I being unreasonable? Because I just sent her a text message telling her to basically go pound salt


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  • I don't think you're being unreasonable. As a matter of fact, you're my hero right now. Bitches gotta learn there are consequences.


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  • Wait...did she know you actually liked her and wanted to pursue her?

    Maybe she got tired of waiting for something to happen between you two and in an effort to move on she started dating someone else...

    trust me... I've done it...there was a reasonable explanation...he made no moves in 9 months and I thought he wasn't interested

    • please PLEASE just listen to her. don't cast her off just yet, my guy remained very unreasonable for a very long time and despite my explanations he continued to hate me after that. even tho it was not intended the way it had appeared.

      i think you are being a little unreasonable, consider what you know of her as a person, if she seems sincere and honest then trust that and let her explain at least. then decide whether to cast her off. trust me, I still have regrets things never worked out.

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  • Tell her: tough sh*t. Don't settle for that bro.

  • You did the right thing telling her where to go. What a stupid, mean girl.