Why is he still talking to me?

So this guy that I was gonna hook-up with stopped talking to me, I guess he lost interest or something. Anyways, I would message him but then he'd be unresponsive and stop responding after about 2 texts. You know when you can tell that when you text something, they're all like "Oh god, not her again." So I stopped that. He texts me every few days-once a week. He texted me a few hours ago.. why is he still talking to me if he's not interested? I messaged him a few days ago and he just blew me off basically..so why still talk to me!


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  • Chances are he either doesn't want to be an ass or he wants to keep his options open because you're down to hook up. If he knows that you're for sure down to hook up then he could just not respect you enough to take the time to talk to you since he views you as "easy."

    • you think he'd act on hooking up with me though, dontcha think? :S

    • Not every guy wants to hook up with an easy girl just because they are willing. To some guys that's a turn off to the point where they don't even want to hook up.

    • thing is though, I never said we would. id constantly say that I didnt' think it was morally right and all that sh*t, so I don't know maybe I just didn't give it up as quick as he would like.

  • He probably just doesn't hav time to always text you wen you choose to text him; that's why he still does initiate convos, and not just nvr text u.:) maybe he still wants to hook up;;))

    Plz answer the flirting 11:11 question if you hav time!

    • send me the link .

    • On phone app:( thx anyways tho:) good luck with the boy!

    • i'll look then hahaa.

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