How do you know if it is a date or a hangout?

I asked this girl to go eat some ice cream and she said yes. Like, we we go pay for the ice cream I don't want it to be really awkward. Cause, on a date I pay and as a hangout everyone pays for themselves. So it would be awkward if I pay and she just thinks it is a hangout


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  • its ice cream not dinner and a movie... its not biggie if you pay or not.

    even if she dosnt think its a date and you pay for ice cream she will just think your sweet

    • Won't she not like the fact that I think it is a date but she doesn't.

    • On a date you obviously be more romantic but if she thinks it is a hang out. She will be wiered out

    • make it what you want it to be! might as well take advantage of the situation.

What Guys Said 1

  • it's probably only considered a hangout if you guys have been friends for a long time or are with a group of friends. If it's neither of those two than she probably already knows that it's a date. As for the paying part just tell her: "let me pay"

    • Lol OK, but I just want to avoid the sittuation if I pay and she is like we are just friends

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