Do you guy's think he's done with me?

Ok me and my boyfriend got into this big fight and I told him I didn't want to ever see him again. Then later I started feeling bad for what I said so I text him I was sorry so many times'...He told me that thing's changed and that I messed up and that I said some hurtful thing's. But I told him it was only out of anger. Long story short he start telling me he miss the way I touch him and how he loves my touch..he text me hey and I replied yes and he said what's up and told him how bad I was missing him and said he's missing me do you think he's over me.

I keep asking him if he's done with me every time I ask that he'll say I'll talk to you later and never do...we just was intimate with each other recently and after that I ask him and he ignore me and told me he'll see me later...he won't respond to my questioned.
He know's I don't want to be his friend because I can't be friend's with a former lover I'm still in love with...So I told him it's either yes or no what's so hard...why the silence just say it and be done with it...


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  • It was just a heated argument. You should NEVER raise your voice to the person you love. NEVER.


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  • No he's nt over yu

    he is missing yu and if yu guya get bak soon yu have a chance of getting the love bak


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  • No. I think it will work out.