Should I believe him?

Met him on a dating site. He said I was the only one but since neither one of us deleted our account I can see when he has been on. I log in to check messages but never respond. He says that is all he is doing only after I admitted to doing this. His excuses before were really lame. Why wouldn't he just say that from the beginning? I am OK with that since I am too. No double standards in my books.

He isn't the best looking guy, he is average at best according to most people, but I think he is adorable. I know most girls don't. I get hit on tons and by guys who are 9.5 and 10 too. Basically should I believe him when he says that I am the only one? Why wouldn't he just say that he wants to see other people? That way I can too. I am confused. If he wants to see others, I am OK with that but that means I will too. I don't know if I should believe him or not. When I bring it up he gets mad but what does he expect, he is sending mixed signals. He never says anything about me being on so I assume he doesn't see me or he is hiding the fact that he goes on.


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  • I think you should believe what he says. If you and him want to try and date each other. Trust plays a huge role if it's going to work out. My friends I know that date peopel form online dating sites go on just to check messages if they are dating somebody. I made friends on dating sites that just talked to me. It wasn't like we were ever going to see each other because of the long distance thing. I think if you like him then it should not be an issue. If he is sending mixed messages and you don't believe what he says then keep your options open. It's not like you and him are boyfriend and girlfriend.

    • I don't think I want to pursue him since I am feeling so insecure. I don't like this feeling so I think I need to let it go and move on.

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    • Thank you :)

    • You are very welcome. :) Good Luck with everything.

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