Guys... how would you react to someone who told you that they missed you?

How would you react to someone that you use to really have feelings for and talk to and hang out with all the time told you that they missed you?

I am going through this right now and it sucks so bad. Me and this guy started talking a couple of months ago and things were going really good but long story short, some things happened and he got really mad at me. He was to the point where he wouldn't even look at me or even acknowledge me. Well last week we were off of school for Thanksgiving break and over break he was liking and commenting on some of my Facebook statuses. Yes I know that isn't a big deal but it was strange to me considering that not even a week before that he was acting like I didn't even exist. Well when I got back to school on Sunday I didn't see him but Monday night I saw him and he looked lonely like he has been here lately but me and my friend ended up standing outside and talking to him for like a half hour and he was actually talking to me and acting like nothing was wrong. It was really weird and it just made my feelings of missing him even worse. I literally cannot sleep at night because on top of everything else in my life right now I can't stop thinking about how much I miss talking to him and how fast everything changed.

How weird would it be if I told him that I missed talking to him? In exactly a week I will be home for over a month from school and I won't see him for that long and a part of me wants to text him over break and see how things go.

Good idea or bad idea?

Please help it is really starting to get to me and I don't know why! I regret not doing and saying so many things while we were talking and I feel like that could have changed a lot of things.



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  • There was a time in my life where I ignored the girl I love for an entire week, whenever she tried texting me, I never replied. When she tried sending me letters, I ignored them. When she sent me a letter with her broken heart spilled on it, I didn't answer her and left her in the dark... All because I was worried about what her parents thought about me and I hated EVERY moment of it.

    I said my prayers, I tried to find out what I was Supposed to do. I missed her and missed every moment I had but I was still afraid. I talked to her and she through it in my face, I deserved it. She broke everything off and I had to admit, I felt what she felt.

    I wasn't prepared to let her go, I had decided that I wasn't gonna be afraid anymore. I wanted her back and I was going to give up anything for her.

    After talking and talking as just friends, I told her that I missed her and I missed everything we had, that I thought differently and that I wasn't going to worry about things like that anymore.

    She reacted pretty much the same way you are now, but after I gave her time to think she forgave me.

    I feel so bad about what I did, everysingle day I feel bad about it. It makes me want to show her even more affection and care even if I have been forgiven.

    Point is, I've been in a situation similar and I suggest this;

    Give him another chance, but don't give it to him so easily.

    Make him appreciate what he once had.

    Gradually lead him on then go for it.

    Or you could just go for it and hope he appreciates you more, either way? I say go for it. :)

    • Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help. At first I was really worried that he was going to think that I was being weird and just couldn't let it go or something like that but the more that I think about it I want him to know how I feel. It isn't going to hurt anything, he is either going to feel the same way I do or feel the complete opposite. I definitely think I am going to go for it over break when I won't see him everyday and hopefully it all works out. Thanks so much again :)

    • My pleasure :) good luck!

  • young guys suck at communicating their feelings, yeah maybe an olive branch moment is in order.


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