I'm in a tough situation, and I don't know what to do, so what do I do?

so, here's the situation. I really like this one girl, and she likes me, but we haven't started going out or anything yet. I was going to ask her like today or this week, but God forbid anything go right for me. It has been brought to my attention that there is another girl that has taken an interest in me, and I can't say that I haven't taken an interest in her. There may be other girls that like me to apparently, but those two are the subject of my situation.

Okay, so, I'm a junior. The girl I like is a sophomore. Not to much of a difference, so nothing to much to worry about. But now that I have started to take an interest in a girl, it seems like everyone has started taking an interest in me... It was brought to my attention today that the the other girl (Girl B as I will refer to her. Not to be mean, just don't want to drag names into this. By the way, just so nobody is confused, Girl A is the girl I have taken an interest in but Girl B is who I've found interesting before.) Anyways, the other girl told her friends and a lot of people apparently that she thinks I have a really nice body. I have nothing against that, but, now a lot of other girls seem to have a partial interest in me. And about a quarter to half of the guys on my swim team told me that she seems pretty interested in me today. Oh, Girl B, Senior. Just so you know. My problem is, if Girl B IS interested in me, who do I choose..? I mean I know I should choose Girl A, and we have gotten really close, but, given the opportunity, I think I'd pick Girl B. Nothing against Girl A, I just, I don't know.

I know that if I pick Girl B, I'm going to upset Girl A and all of her friends probably, but I think the same thing will happen if I pick Girl A, all of Girl B's friends wouldn't be happy. I feel like I'd get a long relationship with Girl A, and a pretty good one, but for some reason I just find the idea of being with Girl B more appealing. Maybe because my friends know who she is and they don't mind her (She was/ may still be the swim team manager, not to sure on if she got to keep the position, but most of my friends are in swim, so they know her.)

I really am just torn between what to pick. Either way, I'm going to be that guy who is an @$$ hole. I' m gonna be that guy that seems like all the other guys, but honestly, I'm not. (not being conceited, but that is what I've been told by like all the girls I know.) So I'm stuck debating who I get to make happy and who's heart I could potentially break, and I don't know about you, but that isn't pleasant, especially not on your birthday...

So what should I do?

Thanks ahead of time to anyone who answers. Sorry for this being so long. And please, if you could, please refrain from just saying to follow my heart. I'm not trying to be mean, I just get that so much that, well yea. You're fine to use it, just, try not to make it all you say. And sorry if that seemed mean, I didn't intend for it to seem mean in any way.


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  • Listen, who gives a sh*t if you hurt one of them? That's life. It's not your fault you just don't like them as much as the other. So yeah I actually am gonna go ahead and say follow your heart (but that sounds lame... just choose the one you'll enjoy more). If you think you'll have a better relationship with girl A, then choose her. And by better I don't just mean longer, I mean happier. Especially since you've gotten to know her better than the other one - that means you guys would be more compatible. If you choose Girl B and upset Girl A, and you get to know Girl B better and realize she's not a great person to be in a relationship with, there might not be any going back to Girl A. But since you and Girl A are close, it probably means you're pretty sure you'd have a good relationship with her, which is what you want. And no, either way, you're not gonna be the @$$ hole, you're gonna be the one who went with what was best for HIM instead of just trying to please other people when you can't actually please everyone.


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  • really?! you answered your own question.. " I mean I know I should choose Girl A" you are close to her and you like her.. who cares if she is a sophomore and also who f***ing cares if you hurt one of them.. also if you don't know why you like girl B then why are you going to date her? who gives a flying sh*t if your friends know girl B your the one dating her.. so I suggest you go with the girl you like the most which happens to be Girl A.

    P.S. if a girl says you have a nice body , it does not mean she likes you. ( most of the time)

    • I know that, but I've been told by a good bit of my friends that she is taking an interest in me. I'm not trying to automatically assume that she likes me, I'm just going by what I've been told. I was told she had an interest in me, so hat put me in this problem. I already knew that she thought I had a nice body, and I didn't assume anything from it. I'm only thinking this because I was told by people that she was taking an interest in me

  • Girl A.

    Also, she doesn't need to know that you had th choose between the two of them. Stuff like that can really hurt a girl

  • Stay single, you're obviously incapable of making a choice, let alone be a boyfriend to either of the girls especially since you don't like girl A as much as you claim since you require motivation to choose her instead of girl B. If I was in the same place (which I was) I had two.guys liking me, but I chose the one I liked at the time, not the one who was a past crush, jeez, you're lack of maturity in this position offends.

    • Describe exactly how I have a lack of maturity. Because I'm not a cold-hearted @$$? Because I don't want to hurt either of their feelings? So that makes me immature? For your info I picked Girl A not long after posting this question, and before reading your rude remarks. So, am I still incapable of making a choice? And I'd like to see how I have a lack of maturity. Oh, and uh, by the way. Your lack of sensitivity and kindness? It offends.

    • My lack of caring voids your reply.

  • I think that you should give girl A a try first since she did come first just to see how it goes. If you still have the same feelings to be with girl B then you should pursue a relationship with girl B its really all up to how you feel about both of them but this is my opinion. I hope this helped! Please answer my question; it would be greatly appreciated(;


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