Is there a chance or am I wasting time? I don't understand him completly

ok so I met this guy we startd school together (6mo ago)and have same classes and all well we hit it off from the start ...he knows I'm really into him and he has said the same thing ...i askd him why he likes me and says its unexplainable and just felt rite when we meet(I totaly feel same) we went on a date and didn't become you knw till after a month (only once) I want it to go farther I don't say it bluntly but he knows just continues to say "good things come with a wait" but its been 6mo ...we are open about everything ...we don't do anything at school but say inside jokes and catch each other staring lol but out of the blue today no one was in hall way he smackd my tush and just smirkd at me lol and we have plans to hang out 2mrw night few movies ,drinks and wants me to stay over (its sorta obvious the game plan) I just don't understand why he don't take the next step and date ( talkd about it b4 after we had *** that time and he said lets just continue to go as we are slow and nicely) ...he is older than me by a few years but both said age is nothing ...he just got out of navy after 10 years and isn't a wild guy very much like me do I talk to him about this subject and am I wasting time for what ...i could hve went out with other guys but rejectd them for him if someting to move forward I'm afarid I'm going to find myself in anothers arms within the next month


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  • If he was really into you, there would be no games like the ones going on.


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