Should I forget about her?

There is this girl I like, we carpool together and we work together. I make her laugh, and I enjoy being around her. The problem is she is 19 and I'm 26, am I too old for her? Because of the age difference I'm not sure if she would be interested in me or not, I don't know if age matters to her or not. How should I go about this relationship, and should I try to make it something more?


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  • Some girls like older men. I've dated guys that are older my entire life and see nothing wrong with it. My current boyfriend is 8 years older than me, and happens to be one of the youngest guys I have been involved with. My point is, age probably won't mean a thing to her its not like you are 45. Nowadays what really matters, is how you treat a girl.


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  • you also have to understanding that the maturity levels might be off. that's always something to consider. but than again, guys take longer to mature, so your might be on the same

  • No. Just proceed. The age difference isn't obscene. If she reacts well to you she probably would go for it. Many girls love older guys. I would be flattered if a guy 7 years older wanted to go out with me.


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