What are some fun ideas to do on the weekend with boys?

What are some things to do with a group of guys that I've never hung out with before?


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  • movies, bowling, lazer tag, minature golf, amusement park, mall.

    You can also go to a park and play with a frisbee, or play a sport like basketball...at night it's especially fun. :)

    If you're looking to stay inside, you can watch movies / TV season marathon, or play board/card games. Monopoly can be quite intense and competitive and fun at the same time. :)

  • well first try making friends with them. then unless you're talking about like spin the bottle, or truth or dare. go places with them, like the movies or bowling.


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  • Explore abandoned buildings (sorry, I'm weird - it's fun though!)...just chill and watch movies/play vidya games/listen to music...I dunno, man, just something low key like that. I live in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do so I'm just going with experience.