Why would he just ignore me?

I joined a dating site, and I "liked" a guy's profile and he "liked" mine too and he messaged me asking me a little bit about myself. Our profiles were really similar and out of the many people I viewed I just liked his a lot. I got really happy when he messaged me. But, then when I answered him back he opened it but has not replied back and it's been quite a few hours.

I guess I should assume it's over right? I'm just really disappointed, I know it's lame of me but I couldn't help but get my hopes up. I've seen many guys who were better looking or a more perfect age or whatnot...but something about him just really stuck with me so now I'm all disappointed.

Bah :/

Consolation? Advice?


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  • As a guy, I sometimes take my time responding because I don't want to flood a girl's inbox or seem desperate. Other times I might not be sure how to reply and it takes awhile. Well, don't get your hopes too high with any guy on a dating site. He might just love attention or wants some slut he can hook up with.


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