After three dates he got weird.... HELP

I went out this this guy that I met on CL. I know.. what your thinking... am I crazy... maybe for considering meeting the guy from off there with no mace or pocket knife. I am just seriously a laid back person and we agreed to meet at a location that had plenty of witnesses. We started talking Nov. 15 and he asked if we wanted to meet at a bar on the 16th. I agreed because I was eager to see if we clicked. I think that I should not have done this according to my rules of dating because I think it comes off as desperate but I went with it and met him. We talked and it was OK at first but got a little weird when we were talking about running from the law. He said that he was with a girl and the cop came to the door and he jumped off her... the rest I don't remember. He also said that for a phase of his life he was into weed, saw a doctor for add for sometime but was off it now. Now those would be blaring red flags right? ...

Toward the end he was all smiles and paid for the tab. This was supposed to be a meeting and he did seem hesitant but didn't say anything so I again went with it. After drinking we walked around for a bit and he got quiet. I asked why and he said he was "thinking"... towards the end he walked me to my car and kissed me on the cheek.

He asked me out on the second date and said that he had somewhere to go after it to "show face". We went to the movies and things were just up in the air but we both had a sense of reliability that each would show. He went early and when he saw me to told me that he purchased the tickets.. we talked and walked around. We played arcade games. I offered to pay but he said no. We watched the movie.. and his hand graced by leg. He ultimately was holding my hand on his heart for the movie. As it was there his phone in his pocket was vibrating constantly. He got up to use the bathroom and after that used the bathroom 3x's that day. I thought it was a bit off. He told me that prior to going out he had a lot of soda. He drinks a lot of soda and coffee. He walked for a bit and then got a drink at a restaurant then he walked me to my car. We talked for a bit he kissed me quickly then ran. It was off to me again.

Somehow we were talking about meeting up for Thanksgiving. He said to me it wasn't like he was going to do anything for it. I then asked why he wasn't. It was so odd to me. He told me that he lived with his sister and her kids. That day he had "work" scheduled. He found the place and wanted to go out so I again went with it. The place he found didn't have pool tables so we went and found another place on his phone and went to it. I drove us. He then told me next time we would be going there. We then just talked still in my car ... toward the end he seemed really comfortable and took off his shoes ... kissed me passionately 3xs then left. He tx's me later and told me sorry for waiting so long to kiss me.

Now on Wed we were talking and he said he'd call me the next day and he hasn't since. ..

I also wanted to ask... should I call him? ... when we were talking he said that he was "out of it" and "falling apart" ... I called him immediately.. he ignored my call then tx'd me that he would call me tomorrow... What would you do?


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  • What should you do? get out of this -- this is not a good thing. No explanation needed.

    • at what point in my story would you have tried to get out of this?

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    • I just want to go out.. like I don't think it's desperate..

    • then that is your first problem -- you definitely are and you are justifying it to fit your mold of what is correct, acceptable, or ideal. Trust me -- find someone else.

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