Dating more than one guy, does this make me a bad person?

Is it OK to be wheeling more then one guy but not be dating anyone. Or should I stop leading them on if I don't plan on dating them, I mean most of them know I'm not looking for a relationship, but they still let me flirt with them and hang out with them anyways,


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  • No. Guys do it all the time and the only people who criticize them are the girls that get hurt by them. Everyone else says it's OK.


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  • It doesn't make you a bad person. Personally, I'm not a fan of casual dating, but just so long as you hvae been honest with them about it, you're fine.

  • Girls like you make me wanna puke.

    Guys already have problems meeting girls, and then someone like you comes along and completly lead them on? I'm sry but that's wrong.

    What you need to do is stay single, and do you only. Not go and play with other guys emotions just becuase you have been hurt b4.

    Please respect yourself.

    • Why would men care? their getting sex. isn't that what they want?

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    • because I like sex but I'm not ready to commit to someone.

    • well thts you.

      Good luck

  • don't lead guys if you don't plan on dating them it's just wrong!, I hate girls who do that >:(

    • I know, but I mean it's not like we don't have sex, and they know I'm not gunna date them. I just mean does that make me a slut or something?

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    • no offense but that's just wrong. either find a FWB or stop sleeping around with them, even if they're your close friends.

      btw you should try dating them before you sleep with them, not the other way around.

    • thanks? I think.

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