First meeting someone.

Ok, I am not long out of a short rocky devastating relationship, but already I have met someone else. I want to take it slow this time, so any suggestions on how to make a good first impression :) We have met and talked online for a while, and he seems like a lovely man, they all do at first, but I think this one definately seems like the real deal. How can I spark his interest more and make a good impression? And what is a good idea for a first meeting?


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  • Okay- I've done internet dating in past and it is a bit different from real thing- or was for me. I couldn't tell from your Q if you've met him in person yet. The difference I found is that even if you get on online sometimes you just don't click offline, even if you do actually fancy them in person.

    Anyway, if you haven't met yet, I'd suggest a daytime date first time- so neither of you is tied in for a long one if you don't click in person when you meet. Gallery, photo exhibition, even a simple coffee. Don't try and over complicate it- go for something you are genuinely interested in- there's nothing more attractive than meeting someone who's interested in what they are doing.

    One thing I'd definitely say though is if you meet and like each other remember 2 things. And I reckon these apply if you've met him before or not.

    1) If he's the same age as you give or take he's probably got the same amount of relationship baggage as you- by which I mean he might be just as hesitant to trust again

    and, if the date works and things evolve then

    2) Because he's a boy you might have to explain the take it slow thing using very small words- and reassure him that you are genuinely interested. Its not that we don't understand take it slow- its that I've found some women say it instead of being honest and saying they don't fancy you and that they just want to be friends.

    • Thank you, no have not met him in person yet, and definately feel that its about meeting and seeing if there is any chemistry. I will do that, maybe a cuppa somewhere sounds good for the first time, so that if it is awkward we can part ways. Yes I am honest too... so if I aminterested I will say, if I am not I will say also, and as for taking it slow, the last internet date I had went for 4 mths and was way to fast so yes will take it slow ... thankyou.

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  • To take things slow make sure that you don't rush into the physical aspects of a relationship. Those physical acts, such as kissing, making out, or even more, create strong and sometimes irrational emotional bonds. Before you establish those physical and chemical connections you need to allow enough time to make sure that your relationship can stand on its own without them. You need to make sure you are making a solid evaluation of the other person and the long-term potential of a relationship with that person. Ask yourself if he the kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Is he the kind of person you could see being a good parent? Once the physical things start happening in your relationship your ability to make honest and objective evaluations about these things is clouded. Also, if you establish the physical side of the relationship before there is a firm commitment to the relationship by both parties then you open yourself up to a situation of buyers remorse. Decidet that things are right first so that you can avoid the buyers remorse that often happens when physical affections are introduced too early.

  • you can spark his by talking bout things he like? just be yourself


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