Do I trust a man who can't talk fully to you when his kids are with him?

I am talking with a man via on line and cellphone who lives in Los Angeles California, we met on Facebook. He is separated and have 2 little girls. He wants to marry me and says he loves me, we talk all the time. He lives with his sister/husband /children, he doesn't have a car but he does work. He still sees and talks with the soon to be ex every day due to the girls. He always calls me but I decided to call him last night and he was kind of choppy with the conversation, he had his kids. We were talking and he said something to me about our wedding but I didn't really hear what he said and asked him to repeat it but he said he couldn't talk the way he wanted to because of the girls. I got off the phone and told him to tend to his kids. I felt uneasy by his actions. Should I be worried that he could talk openingly with me when he never did that before. He also lives a block away from the ex, well they're separated. And he goes over there he says to help the girls with homework and he gets them all the time. I want to have a relationship with him but I felt like he was hiding me through conversation. I just broke of an engagement 2 years ago due to the man put his daughter, mother and ex wife before me and the ex was still in his life and I just don't want to go through that again. This situation reminded me of that. We have not seen each other face to face due to the distance. This is the first time I have felt this with him. What should I do? I felt that he was my soul mate until this happened. The separation thing bothers me and just wished that he was already divorced. Any advice. I am 43 and I know what I am looking for. Do you think he is for real or just jerking me around?


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  • Bad sign that he lives in LA and doesn't have a car. He's hiding something. This guy is not all together.

    • So do you think he may be hiding something, like the total truth? I have this feeling that since he is not divorced yet and lives in his sisters house, he isn't ready to say I have a friend that I want to get serious with. With the separation he gave the car to the ex because of the children but it seems like he has the kids always. And they still do things with the kids as if they're still married and together.

    • He sounds like he's completely mired in his family. Think of the destabilizing force of you entering in the picture (I mean that kindly). He's going to have to move to a new place AND buy a car, not to mention change his schedule with the kids, etc.

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