What kinds of hints might a girl give during a conversation to know it's safe to ask her out?

Is there any sort of rule thumb when flirting with a girl as to when you can ask for her number? This girl at the mall was taking a survey on me and I made her laugh (genuinely I think) a lot (im also a decent looking guy) so I wanted to ask her out. But I felt like I needed a "youre funny!" or "thats cute" to be sure we were on the same page. Will girls give that sort of hint typically, so the guy isn't left guessing?


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  • I would of just asked her the second she started laughing. If she said No then you could joke around. "I just thought you wanted me because you were asking me so many questions."

    I tell my friends "You have nothing to lose asking a girl out, only something to gain." Just go for it next time.

  • Always assume attraction if she's talking at length with you