What are my odds of hanging onto a guy I met online?

i met this guy online about 4 months ago while he was still serving in iraq. I've been planning on moving to the same city and state where he's from and that's where our friendship started. he's come back home from iraq a few months ago and has been keeping in touch with me and patiently waiting for me to move there. the problem is that my plans keep getting delayed for one reason or another and I was supposed to move there this month. and now it looks ilke I'm going to have to wait until the spring before I can finally move there. I'm feeling really sad about having to wait until the spring and I don't know what to tell him now. I already told him that I don't blame him if he meets someone one else because I know he's a good guy. how should I tell him and what should I say? and what should I expect? if you met someone you liked online and they had to wait longer than expected to move where you are would you just give up on them?


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  • Have you met him in person?

    • no I haven't met him in person. I've sent him pictures of myself and he's sent me pictures too and he's asked me to phone him but I haven't had the nerve to because of my recent dilemma of having to postpone my plans. thanks for asking by the way. greatly appreciated.

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    • Hey, I wish you the best. Just dip your toe in the water before you jump in the pool.

    • hey thanks for the message back and for taking the time to respond to my inquiry. you totally made sense of it all for me and I sure appreciate that. all the best for you too and if you're ever in a dilemma I guarantee you you'll totally get the same honest feedback yourself. thanks again. very cool.

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