First date, how are you evaluating her?

On the first date, how is the guy evaluating the girl? I know he is at a point where he would settle down with the right person. So on the first date, what is the guy judging and looking for? Any advice? Thanks!


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  • Does her foundation match the blush?

    How much did she pay for that nose job? Did she sue?

    Did she just use her salad fork for the entree?

    Is that a cold sore, or is she just glad to see me?

    What? She went to a STATE college? Bwa ha ha!

    Twelve tats all done by the same skin artist? He didn't give her a baker's dozen?

    Oh, she wanted to be a vet growing up. THAT's original.


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  • How much perfume she's wearing

    Did she try to make her self look pretty

    Is she showing enough skin but staying classy

    Is she talking too much or too little

    Am I having fun with her doing the dumbest thing

    Does she like anime :)

    • lol you judge a girl on a first date based on her showing enough skin?

    • Yea what haha

      If she's wearing a turtle neck and jeans and it's not that hot I'd be worried

      But if she's wearing a regular t shirt and, it doesn't have to be a skirt but that'd be nice too haha, or a dress she seems a little more relaxed to me

  • The first thing I do on a first date when evaluating her is look to see how she dressed. If she's under-dressed for what we're doing, I'm going to think to myself, "uh-oh, what happens if we were to go on a second date and she does it again". I'm not saying you have to "dress up". I'm just saying, dress for the occasion, know what you're getting into and if we tell you that the date is a "surprise", you can never go wrong with one of two things: a nice fit pair of jeans and a cute top or...that little black dress that's stashed away for safe keeping.

    Next thing, while similar to how your dressed, is how much make up you have on. I won't say anything aloud, like with your outfit but..I'll be thinking to myself "hmm, does she look like a clown?" If you do, I'm going to think that you must have been doing your makeup in the dark and that's a scary thing to think about (even if you weren't).

    After that, I'll be evaluating what you did to greet me. First impressions are EVERYTHING. If you say "hi" in a quiet sullen voice, I'm going to think you're not excited (almost feeling forced) to go on the date with me. You SHOULDN'T feel forced to do anything EVER. If you don't want to go out, tell me, men like honesty (it doesn't waste our time, we have other things we could be doing). When you greet us, speak up, enunciate and use an expressive tone. It shows confidence (what they say your outfit does for you).

    Then comes the actual date. I would basically just be seeing what sort of things you're telling me/asking me and what your doing with your body. I have to be able to read your body language because that's how women tend to show signals (words can only do so much).

    If I like the way it goes. I'll say goodnight and see what you do. If you're inviting me in, that seems a little bit pushy and makes me think all you're after is a one night stand. If you say call me, then I'll know you enjoyed it (even if you didn't) and I at least have a green light (no matter what you do after that).

    Sorry for such a long explanation. I get a little wordy sometimes, ha!

  • What is she willing to do in the future / her goals etc

    What are her religious views ?

    Sexual partners ? I want a girl to have none because I have none lol

    How loving and caring is she ?

    Is she a gold digger ?

    How much care she takes for her face and skin ?

    • Sexual partners is pretty personal on a first date don't you think?

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    • Okay then that is quite different. I'm talking about a first date with a guy I just started talking to. If you were friends for a while, like at least a few months, even making out on the first date isn't a problem in my opinion because you have already gotten to know each other. When it is dating someone new and you are just getting to know each other, everything needs to move more slowly..physically and personally/mentally, because you are both dating AND getting to know each other.Double wham

    • If its just a guy with whom you just started talking to . then I don't think a guy would talk about sex .

      Then maybe , he would look for your behavior , your personality , your way of approaching people .

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