What's a good kisser like?

my first kiss, my boyfriend said "you're a pretty good kisser"

idk what I did. I was so lost. but ... what's a good kisser?

Oh, and he used LOTS of tongue. is that normal... for a first kiss?!?!?! I mean for me it was, for him it wasn't.


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  • a good kisser basically is like a good dancer...its a certain flow that you follow. if you choose to use tongue then the guy has to flow with it basically... it must seem like a flow until the end lol


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  • Yes lots of tongue is normal.

    A good kisser just is good at it. I think most people will seem like good kissers to each other when they like each other and have good chemistry, and seem into it.

    It's pretty hard to be an awful kisser.

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