Ladies how should I handle this situation with female friend?

My half-Japanese friend from the States recently moved in to the same guesthouse I live in by some bizarre sense of luck (unluck in my case?) and has a room adjacent to mine. She told me that she was "very turned on by what she [my girlfriend] was screaming in Japanese" and that she wanted to go on a date with me. I told her that I think we should stay great friends and possibly go on a few dates and take thing slow. She looked very concerned when I said this and has since been acting weird.

She told me that I was the only guy to turn her down (I don't doubt this because she is an extremely attractive girl) and the only close male friend that's never tried to be "sexual" with her as she put it. I told her that I found her to be very physically attractive and that we could date, but that I only have sex with a girl after I've dated her for many months.

And no I'm not cheating on my girlfriend to say I'd go on a few dates with her. My girlfriend and I have an understanding that "cheating" refers to being physical and kissing, sex or so forth with other partners. If she goes on an exploratory date with another guy I'm OK with that.


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  • I'm sorry, but this sounds like an incredibly complicated situation to me. From what I see, you're fine to go on other dates with girls (and your girlfriend can do the same) but... then what? Say this other girl wants to date you, and you go out for several months, THEN can you have sex with her? I don't really get the question, or what you're trying to figure out. Basically all you've said is that you've got a Japanese girlfriend and another Japanese chick who wants you. That's nice, but in what way do you need advice?

    • I want to salvage my friendship with the other girl and let her know I have certain morals about sex I don't break but that is' nothing personal

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