How do I tell her without sounding "greedy"?

Ok my girlfriend likes to hang out with her friends. I'm kinda just there. They are all mexican and speak in spanish so I can't understand anything they say, otherwise I would give my input. But I don't think me and my girl get enough time together. I want to tell her I want to have alone time with her but I don't really know how to tell her. Can someone help?


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  • You should tell her exactly how you feel. Women like honest men. But remember you have to say it in a nice way because you know how girls get. If I were you I would take her somewhere nice (just you two) like the park or something and just tell her what's up. If she really cares about you then she would take your feelings into consideration. It's better to speak the truth then hold your thoughts and feelings inside.

    • Thank you...I think I'll try that and see what happens :)

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    • Well I haven't really said anything yet but things are getting better. I think it just happened. I'm not quite sure how to explain but...I'm not sure haha

    • Lol Awwwww dito!!! Well I'm glad things are working out!

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  • If youd like time alone with you gf, ask her out on a date. :)


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