Says I don't listen?....HELP!

My boyfriend and I have been dating a while now, and ever sense I told him that I put a wall up when I got my heart broken, so I don't tell people my true emotions a lot, and it takes a lot for me to let you in, it seems like our relationship is going down hill. He all of a sudden went on a 1 hour walk last night and then wouldn't tell me what was wrong. Then this morning he said it was because I never listen to him. What should I do?


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  • You should sit down and talk with him I'd say. I'm going to guess that you probably have strong feelings for him, you don't want him to leave...and you're not quite sure why he feels the way he does. So tell him all that..and then when he opens up and he's trying to tell you do what he said you don't..just listen to him..good luck! =)