Should my best friend?

So...there's a girl whom I've known for quite some time. We are really good friends. Until now, I hadn't thought of her as more than a friend, although the scenario had crossed my mind. We were talking on Facebook the other day, and she asked if I thought of her as more than a friend and if we should start dating. This came as a shock to me. We're going to talk more in a few days, so I have until then to decide.

I have two worries. First, part of me feels there are shinier fish in the sea, I suppose you could call it the friend-zone. Second, after a hard breakup with my last girl (over a year ago), I am worried about loosing our awesome friendship if we were to break up.

So what do you think? Should I give it a shot?


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  • You don't sound all that enthusiastic about it, but the problem is now that the genie is out of the bottle, how are you going to let her down gently without it affecting your friendship. Tell her "I like you too much to be your BF. I'd rather be your buddy for the next 20 years than your boyfriend for your next 20 months"