Why does he ask me to hang out and then never respond?

It's making me mad. He asked me if I wanted to come over and watch a movie with him, I said sure... and he never responded. This was two hours ago. WTF. Did he find something better to do or something?


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  • Phone died ,no reception, he's at the beach in the surf, take a chill pill ring the land line or leave a message and exercise some patience.

    Personally I am usually out of phone contact and can only respond to my message bank due to my out doors hobbies/lifestyle, say playing a game of football there's like almost 2 hours right there, flying a glider, yup another 2 hours, trail bike riding or riding a motorcycle in general again hours of me been un contactable.

    Recently I have taken to recommending that peeps just email me or leave a message on my phone bank.

  • i think next time he does that, you should tell him to at least let you know what to do because you may have other plans. Try to wait it out or something but if he doesn't respond then tell him. That's kind of disrespectful to tell you one thing and then not give you a response


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