Did I make a mistake?

He texted me saying hi/asked how I was, and I texted saying, "I'm pretty good, miss me? lol how've you been?" and he just ignored it didn't bother to reply.

Is this just something you don't ask guys? did he not miss me?

I'm just wonder if this was his way of giving me a hint


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  • Leonidas is being sarcastic lol you did nothing wrong he just might not be interested or something may have just came up either way nothing wrong on your part

    • thank you for the comment! I guess I just have to accept that not everyone I like is going to like me back :)

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    • How do you know when you really even know a person? I thought I knew him, I didn't know everything about him because I clearly didn't "Love" him, but I liked who I thought he was and I wanted to get to know the real him ... never mind good point.

    • true and dudes definitely lead chicks on just to get laid that's why its good to holdout a little while lol so you know their not just in it to get laid another way to tell is if they do things to try and impress you like going on a nice date instead of just ''hanging out''

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  • Omigod. Classic mistake. What were you thinking? That was really creepy and desperate.


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  • Give it some time. You did nothing wrong. He may have just been busy and forgot to text back. A lot of people, especially guys, don't treat text messages in the way that you assume they do. A lot of times a person will see a text and have something come up then just forget to reply to it. I wouldn't worry about it.