How do you achieve the right social skills to date?

I mean, let's presume for the moment that you were not the sort of person to pick up that social skill-set during high-school. Where exactly are you going to learn it in today's society?

First impressions, especially on the topic of romance, are so terribly crucial, and if you screw it up, it doesn't matter how much chemistry you and the other person might have had if given the chance, it'll all be for naught because the first impression will have already been blown.

I don't want all the fake pressures, expectations, and other crap that goes with the dating scene.

There"s a lack of any good feedback when you're rejected. So how do you learn?


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  • Experience is often the best teacher, in both good ways and bad. Dating is one of those things in life where a person can only learn so much from reading and discussing, and where a lot of knowledge will come from "on-the-job" training, so to speak. I would definitely advise consulting friends for certain things like date etiquette, maintaining contact, etc. But my best advice would be to go out and talk to women, even ask them questions - starting with brief small talk and eventually asking one out, and go from there. Best of luck, sir.

  • As always; you ask girls out, you take them out, they like you or they don't. You play to your strengths, you correct your weakness. You persist.

    It's easy, as long as you're not lazy, or undisciplined.

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